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Pure Glow *16’s Cookies and Cream Dough Bites

Hi, Boos!

You may be a little angry with me after this post. I told you I was making Mariel’s Cookies and Cream Dough Bites. I also told you I’d let you know what I thought about them.

Well I made them. And to prove it here’s the pictures of the dough in the food processor.  

It consists of cocao powder, vanilla, coconut nectar, brazil nuts, dates, and buckwheat. Recipe here.

Sorry, don’t be mad!  I have no “AFTER” pictures.  Mariel herself said it best…here’s why:
I have to say…. I’m obsessed

These are so good. You could pop 10 in your mouth at a time… (just kidding..)

no. really.

I did pop about 10 in my mouth per sitting…they are THAT good.  So no pictures from me, but below it a picture that Mariel took of her own recipe!

If you are wanting something super-easy, super-healthy, made from ingredients that most of you have already stocked, MAKE THIS RECIPE!!!!


Denver’s First Hike…and Choosing Raw’s Recipes

Hello, Dolls!

(I’ve been catching up on my Kardashians)

The LT and I have been hard at work unpacking here in Denver.  But we did take a break last weekend to go hiking!  Yes, us City Folk went on a 4-mile hike at Castle Rock state park.

The "Rocky" pose

I’ve also been catching up on Gena’s blog, Choosing Raw.  She has such insightful, inspirational, and FUN posts.  Check her out.

I’ve made two of her recipes this week: Raw Zucchini Hummus and Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad.

Both were intended as little treats to snack on throughout the week.


I made it around 9pm and the lighting in the new kitchen is obvi not meant for great picture taking.  I added some extra zucchini and lemon juice because I prefer a lighter tasting hummus (less tahini-ish).  It has a great flavor; slightly lumpy, similar to a baba ganoush. Perfect for dipping my veggies in and luring me away from the LT’s chips in the cupboard. Gena’s recipe here

Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad

My intent was to make this for snacking throughout the week, too.  However, it’s just so DANG good, I cannot stop snacking!

It’s an easy recipe combining broccoli, cauliflower, red peppers, and raisins…but the kicker is Gena’s Creamy Asian Dressing.  That stuff could be spread on a roof shingle and I would seriously considering eating it, shingle and all!

I cannot encourage you enough to create this recipe for yourself because it’s inexpensive to make and it is A. MAZE. ING.  Gena’s recipe here

Tomorrow I plan to make Mariel’s Cookies and Cream Dough Bites.  In the meantime, check her out.  She’s only a teenager, but her blog is so fun to read.  My new daily “Must Read.”  Pure Glow *16

Raw. Review.

Hello, Lovlies!  How was your Easter weekend?  And how is your week going?

FANTASTIC is my answer to question 1.  And FANTASTIQUE is my answer to question 2!

Let me start at the beginning.  The LT and I drove to Ohio with Maureen for Easter weekend.  (Wolfpack, UP!)  Good Friday also had the dubious honor of being our youngest sister’s 18th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Shannie!

I know, definitely NOT raw! But good job making it, Chef Dad!

Well, after the egg hunt and Easter Dinner, the three of us made the trek back to Chicago.  On Monday, after my Chem class, we had some time to kill before Maureen had to catch her train back to Marquette, so we hit up the French Market.  It’s an old train station that has been re-done to house a bunch of gourmet food booths, flower stalls, and organic groceries.  Yum!

Maureen and I hit up Raw. which is one of Chicagoland’s raw food restaurants.

There were so many options to choose from!

Options galore!

Maureen ordering

We both chose the raw falafel sandwich.

At first I thought the meal was a little sparse, but it turned out I only ate about half in the first sitting.  The falafels were d-lish smothered in some hummus and topped with fresh shredded carrots.  The onion bread was nearly as yummy: it’s flavor was yummy, however, I did keep getting nut pits stuck in my teeth.  But this small inconvenience was not enough to deter me from ordering it again.Plus the sides were just as lovely as the sammie!


And let’s not forget the LT!  In honor of our family’s time in Germany, he ordered us up some German style pomme frites!

Is he under the Eiffel Tower?!

Anybody else been to Raw?  Or know any good raw restaurants in Chicagoland?

Bill Cosby & Face Lotion Reviews

The LT and I recently got all dolled up, went downtown, and caught a night of extreme hilarity with Bill Cosby at the Chicago Theater…but we didn’t get any pictures of ourselves in our finery!  Shoot!

And let me just say that Bill Cosby was a-MAZE-ing!  He came out onstage wearing a gray hoodie with the phrase “HELLO FRIEND” embroidered across the chest and crocs on his tootsies.  It almost seemed as if he was just shuffling over to your house to spend an evening with us, his friends.

The Cos’s stories and jokes were so clever.  I didn’t know exactly what to expect since I’ve always heard that his humor is not just Cliff Huxtable.  But the 2.5 hour-long show was full of mostly tasteful comedy.  I think the most scandalous word used was “brassiere.”

Everything was so fresh and fun–if Bill Cosby hasn’t sold out in your area, his show was worth every penny…and the tix weren’t even that expensive at $55 for floor seats!

Click here for a list of upcoming Bill Cosby events!

I also got a package this week from Carol Alt’s company Raw Essentials.  I have used her All Day Revitalizing Face Moisturizer for about 2 years.  Only recently, when I was working at Cousin’s and then transitioned over going to school full-time, I stopped using it…because of the price tag: $25 per bottle.

Now I know that’s not a lot for some people, but for a student it’s a fortune.  I mean, I could get some Olay for $5.99 at Target.  And that’s just what I had done.  Only problem is, I was breaking out like nobody’s business.  After 3-4 months off my Raw Essentials, the LT was tired of listening to my belly-aching.

“Just order it, babe.  Here, use my credit card.”

I recently read somewhere that raw cosmetics were not entirely “raw” because they have to have some preservatives in order not to spoil.  That does make sense to me.

However, researching a bit on the site, I discovered that Raw Essentials is certified raw.  This means:

-Never heat active ingredients above 115 degrees;
-Only use ingredients that are found in nature or derived from ingredients that are found in nature;
-No synthetic chemicals such as parabens, pesticides, antibiotics, food additives or petro chemicals;
-Keep detailed written production records (audit trail);
-Conduct periodic on-site inspections.

Plus, true to their word Raw Essentials uses ingredients that are natural, words I can read and pronounce.

(It’s hard to read since I’ve only got an iPhone snap!)

The best news is that my skin is clearing up PRONTO!


I am always looking for new lotions and make up.  And I know some people even make their own beauty products!  That seems daunting to me, but I would love to try if someone could recommend a masque or hydrating wash!

Do any of my readers have any beauty product recipes?