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About Me and About This Blog

Give it to me raw...food style!

I began this blog as I left Corporate America and went to work for a little raw food company in Chicago.  After being there for a year, with the support of my husband, the LT, I decided to move on and pursue my Masters in Food Science and Nutrition.  With an undergrad degree in business, I have had a ton of science pre-reqs to complete before I could apply to any programs, but I’m finally wrapping up those classes and I’ve just received my first acceptance to a Masters program!

I was originally using this blog as a way for me to document my journey as taken above, but I’ve realized I really don’t talk about school or work…because they’re BO-RING!  I mean, who wants to discuss Organic Chemistry?!

What I generally write about are recipes I make (invented by other bloggers and chefs), restaurants I visit, or little adventures the LT and I have.


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  1. Go girl!!! I say follow away!

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