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Oh-hi, O’Raw

For those of you with a normal sense of pun usage, let me explain the title of this post:  I’m in Ohio.  I’m eating raw.  Hence: Oh-hi, O’Raw…I know, ingenious, right?

The reason that I’m in Ohio is to visit my family.

The reason the LT and I are visiting family is to say good-bye for awhile.

The reason we’re saying good-bye is:  WE’RE MOVING FROM CHICAGO TO DENVER!!!  

Denver, Colorado!

The pool is heated year-round for those warm Denver Januarys! (wink, wink)

The LT got a position in Denver and starts in early September.  However, I’ll be heading out early because school for me begins at the end of August.  Only got two semesters left of pre-req’s!

We went out to the mile-high city a few weeks ago looking for a place.  Found an awesome one in a gated community with a gym, heated pool, hot tub, and backing up to one of the local state parks.

I foresee lots of biking and running in our future!  We loved the city the five days we scooted around town.  And have you ever met anyone who claims not to like Denver?  The two of us are so excited!

So the lack of posting has been due to final exams, picking up some extra summer work and A LOT of planning/wrapping things up.  Sorry!

Now you understand, though!

More raw foods coming up in the future…the near future…promise.


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