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Sunny With a Chance of Showers

Yesterday, the LT and I went to a baby shower!  I haven’t been to many, however, this had to be one of the all-time best.  It was at a Morton Grove, IL park district building.  Means basically, we had a pre-school classroom – the little people desks + big people tables + lots of blue balloons, plates, and tablecloths.  What could be more “baby shower-esque”?

I’ll tell you!

Having a gi-normous playground and basketball court right outside!  We got to eat, drink, and play all afternoon.  Plus the weather was beautiful (for Chicago); it was something like 58 degrees and sunny.

My Mother-in-Law with my niece out on the playground

The LT playing with my nephew

After all the playtime (I played P-I-G with the boys and wasn’t the first one eliminated!), we were rounded up for cake.

What a cool idea!

I thought the look of this cake was super neat.  I’ve never seen one like it before–LOVE IT!

Overall, such a fun, relaxing day.  Being outside and in the sunshine, I really did kind of forget about any problems or concerns and was simply present in the moment and thoroughly enjoying life.


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