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Hello, Healthies!  I have been sooo good lately and taken a green smoothie every morning on my way to class.  (Which means I haven’t gotten any Starbucks since Mardi Gras!)  But on Friday I had a bit of a situation!  While unloading my backpack into the passenger side, WHOOPSIE!…


Oh, Nose!



Had to rush back in and make another!

Speaking of smoothies and drinks…I’m really trying to cut down on a guilty pleasure: Diet Coke.  The LT gave it up for Lent, so I can honestly see how much I drink in a day because I’m the only one drinking it.  I’ve been doing pretty well, but I am getting SUPER-BORED WITH JUST WATER and smoothies.

If you are into health, what else can you recommend to sip on?

How do I stave off the beverage blues?


One Response

  1. Went back to Beans and Barley last weekend with Johnny! Sweet potato and black bean burrito, carrot and orange juice, shots of wheatgrass; It was gettin’ wild! 🙂 xoxo

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