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Midterms, Mahalo, and Green Smoothies

Midterm Time!

Yay!  This weekend, Maureen and I drove back to Ohio together for the start of her Spring Break.  She had mid-terms last week and I have exams this week plus the stress of the LT and my recent move.  The two of us had DEFINITELY been off the wagon in terms of eating right.  And our sisterly skin was showing it.  I am the only girl in my late 20s I know who has the skin of a 14 year old.  I was broken out and it was embarrassing.

What makes it even worse is this unscientific reflection: I think that because my body is used to getting “the good stuff”, when I suddenly ply it with Diet Cokes, pizza, and Chex Mix, unlike other people, my body revolts.  I truely think that I am more sensitive to nutritionally poor food, because I am used to living, raw, or vegan food!

So Maureen and I decided to do a mini-motivation weekend with each other.  When I picked her up at Union Station, we headed directly for Whole Foods!  We got the salad bar and some raw and vegan treats for the road.  I also picked up some chia seeds, hemp seeds, raw dried coconut flakes, cacao coconut butter, and a few other ingredients.  (Maureen and I made some recipes that will be posted soon!)

Mahalo Bars! So Yummy!

My favorite find was some vegan (non-raw) bars from Go Max Go! Their Mahalo bar is like a vegan almond joy.  So yummy.  So vegan.  So much better for me and the animals than a snickers!  I will definitely be buying more…many more.  Even my dad, a decidedly non-vegan guy who loves chocolate, enjoyed these bars!  (The LT wasn’t able to go to Ohio, so he didn’t get a taste.)

Maureen and I also made sure to have at least one green smoothie a day.  When I start the day off with a smoothie, it makes it so much easier to choose something healthy for lunch.  In fact, I’ve had a big, raw salad for lunch every day for 4 days straight now just because I’ve had a smoothie in the morning!  I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that I’ve given up my Starbucks for Lent.  I miss you...but my body (and my wallet) don't!On a typical Starbucks morning, even if I made a smoothie, too, I would opt to drink my soy hot chocolate in the car over my smoothie.  By the time I was done with my first class, I wouldn’t really want the smoothie anymore.  It was wasteful and nutritionally yucky for my body.  Plus my lunch would often be a veggie burger from Burger King–not a salad or anything raw.  The past few days, it’s like the more greens I eat, the more my body is craving them, the more my body wants greens.

Plus, my skin is totally clearing up!


3 Responses

  1. yayyy!! Thanks for the motivation! love you 🙂

  2. 🙂 I’ve got some good recipes coming this week for more moto!

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