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Vegan (Almost Raw) Cheeze Its!

I am a big snacker. I LOVE to snack. Something about that hand-to-mouth action is just so beautiful to me. Go ahead and become an armchair psychologist-I don’t care. I am taking my love of snacks at face value and I don’t plan on quitting any time soon!

However, because this lover is a tricky mistress for my waistline, I particularly love that raw snacks are healthy for me and said waistline. Paging through one of Carol Alt‘s books last weekend, I found a Cheeze It recipe and simply had to try it. My snacking sense shouted, “Yes!”

This snack is not all raw. The cheese in it is Daiya brand, which I’ve heard so much about from other vegan/raw blogs, but had never tried. I found it at Whole Foods and am so glad I did! It’s completely vegan and doesn’t have casein in it like most other non-dairy cheeses. (And after reading The China Study, I do not want casein anywhere near my body!)  This cheese was SO good; the only drawback was that my recipe required all of it–none left over for tacos or mini pizzas!…and the price was a little steep, too.

Carol’s recipe took about 5 minutes to make.  You just blend all ingredients.

Spread on a dehydrator sheet.

And score into crackers at the 6 hour mark, flip, and keep going for another 4-6 hours.  The one downside to the dehydration process is that our apartment took on a pretty funny smell.  In the morning the LT woke up and thought I had been sick. However, light a candle because after the dehydrating is done, these snack crackers are amazingly delicious…and surprisingly filling!

Carol Alt's Cheeze Its

Here’s to keeping my snacking obsession alive and raw(-ish)!


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