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Cru Restaurant in LA

So we’re back after the big Halloween weekend in Los Angeles and we had a GREAT time.  The plane ride was fine.  I bought us some yummies at Cousin’s IV for the plane ride.  The beet chips were surprisingly good and the Love Force bar was delish.  I’d only really had Lara bars, but this was much tastier, moister, and almost creamier…they’re also about 3x as pricier!

Meagan: Beet Chips The LT: Sweet Potato Chips


The LT and I arrived around 12:15am Friday night/Saturday morning and were immediately whisked from LAX to the Hermosa beach bar scene. It was so nice to smell the fresh salt water after being in landlocked Chicago since September. We also saw a 6′ tall man dressed as a chicken and dancing to Lady Gaga…priceless!

The next morning we explored Hollywood, saw Mann Grauman’s Chinese Theater, bought a magnet, watched street performers breakdance, and took pictures with the walk of fame stars.

Then it was over to Cru Restaurant in Silverlake. Gil, the LT’s friend who was hosting us, is not into raw food and is not even vegan, so I chose Cru because it does have some cooked dishes.

Cru Restaurant

We ordered the Chickpea chard Fritters to start. They came with a to-live-for sour cream with chive oil dipping sauce. All three of us dove right into these tasty morsels. The chickpeas had a nice consistency that was similar to egg.

Then it was on to the main course.
Chorizo Tostada
Sunflower frijoles, salsa, jicama radish slaw, avocado, raw vegan sour cream, pumpkinseed chorizo, radish sprouts, and green cabbage on a raw corn tostada.


Sorry! Kinda hard to see with the iPhone camera

The LT’s
Sweet Potato Curry (vegan, cooked)

Curry with Quinoa

Ravioli Cruda
Cashew cheese stuffed jicama ravioli in and herbed tomato sauce with rubbed arugula salad.

I was so happy that Gil wolfed down his food. I set him up for the experience by letting him know that raw food is similar to cooked, but sometimes doesn’t have the same texture or temperature. That he should remember that this was a version of ravioli. I don’t even think he needed a ‘warning’ because he ate it right up, especially loving the cashew cheese.

On our way back to the house to change into our costumes for the night, Gil even said, “I need to remember that place as a spot to take hot chicks on a date. It’s good to switch it up every now in then.” Yay!

I’d like to give the LT a shout-out (if it’s appropriate to give the man you love a shout out!). He wasn’t feeling so good all weekend, but was a trooper and stayed out with Gil and me until the bars closed.  I’m pretty sure I danced heinously, tried to instigate a fight with random passer-bys, and may have unknowingly shoplifted a bag of Bold Flavor Chex Mix (please don’t judge!). Through all of that and a pounding headache, the LT stuck with me and ensured I didn’t get picked up for the shoplifting. (pretty sure he paid!) I love you!


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