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Goodness Greeness!

Yes, Goodness Greeness sounds like a super-cute expression raw foodists would use when startled. However, it’s something much better:
It’s the Chicagoland company that sells a ton of organic and locally-sourced veggies and herbs to local restaurants who care about what their customers are eating. Don’t get me wrong, not everything is always organic or from the garden patch next door, but they do a bang up job and I love delivery days.

On delivery day, you know everything is at its freshest and the Live Buffet is going to be good. Today was no exception. I had some Mediterranean Kale Salad (which I’ve written about before) and some Spinach Red Pepper Salad with Garlic Cashew Dressing. To borrow from Rachel Ray: YUM-O!

In other news, the LT and I are heading to Hollywood tonight for some Halloween partying!  Since Cali is the Mecca of the raw food world, I am super-excited.  (though I know being there for approx 48 hrs somewhat limits our horizons!)  I am planning on taking the LT and the friend with whom we’re staying to Cru. It seems a good compromise because the restaurant serves raw and cooked food so our friend won’t feel left out of the food ‘conversation.’

I’m debating between two menu options:

1. Ravioli Cruda: Cashew cheese stuffed jicama ravioli in and herbed tomato sauce with rubbed arugula salad

Not Cru's version, but this raw ravioli looks delish!









2. Chorizo Tostada: Sunflower frijoles, salsa, jicama radish slaw, avocado, raw vegan sour cream, pumpkinseed chorizo, radish sprouts, and green cabbage on a raw corn tostada


Again, not Cru's version, but you get the idea.


Tostada picture courtesy of fellow blogger What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway?







Well, flight time is fast approaching and I’ve got some goodies to get before we head out.  Tschuess!  And Happy Halloween!


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  1. I wish I could go and taste all these raw food yummies too 🙂 Look delicious!

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