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Home for the Weekend


Shannon's Hair Was AMAZING!

Though the LT and I actually live in Chicago, “home” is Ohio where my parents and extended family. Before the wedding, we were making the 5.5 hour trip once or twice a month so having been away for 5 weeks seems like a bit of forever!



Baby Sis Looks So Pretty!

This weekend was my little sister Shannon’s senior homecoming. Her high school whomped their opponents in Friday night’s game winning 67-10 so everyone was in a great mood for Saturday night’s dance. I sat with her while she got her hair did and helped with her make up Saturday afternoon. That night her friend Andrew picked her up (he’s half Filipino and super-cute! I hope me and the LT’s kids are as smart, friendly, and handsome) and my mom and I went with them to meet up with 25 other Seniors to take pictures.  Shannon looked so pretty…I think the prettiest there, even though I am biased!  (Will have to post the picts later–can’t find the camera!)


Anyway, this weekend ties into raw foods because when I’m “home” in Ohio, it’s very hard for me to eat high raw.  The simple reason is my willpower and my conditioning.  Though my mom has recently caught on to green smoothies, my family is far from the raw food diet.  They much prefer a frozen pizza or some cereal for dinner than to make a salad or other raw creation.


Yummy...But I'm Paying for it Now!

When I’m there, everyone around me is eating the SAD (Standard American Diet) and that type of processed food is mainly what is in the house.  I confess, on Saturday, I ate like I was intent on clogging my system: English muffin, Schuler’s doughnut(s), Diet Big K Cola, and even some pizza.  It all tasted so good, too!  But then I awoke Sunday morning feeling sluggish and gross and like my face in particular was covered in a thin film of “processed food sweats.”  Delightful.





Even with those feelings, I craved a bagel or some pancakes–and seriously thought about having a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles.  It’s interesting how quickly your body can revert to the SAD “addiction”.  Despite my desires, I had a delish Strawberry-Banana Smoothie with some agave and cacao nibs and a big, ole green salad.  It’s 5:30pm and I’m feeling much more energetic than I did when I woke up.

I read about it all the time on raw food blogs, but you REALLY do notice a difference in your energy levels by eating what’s actually good for you.


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