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Ladies Lunch at Cafe Tarragon

Cafe Tarragon is inside Future Green

Cafe Tarragon

2352 S Kinnickinnic Ave

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207
Phone number: 414-294-4300

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is home to some of my favorite things: Miller Brewing Company, Marquette University, and my little sister, Maureen!  And Saturday, while the LT was playing golf, I drove the 80 miles for a Ladies Lunch.

Maureen is a vegetarian and into raw foods, too, so we decided to try out Cafe Tarragon located inside of the fair trade store, Future Green.  As we were driving from Marquette to the cafe, we went through not the best of neighborhoods, but then it opened up into a great little hippie-like area which would have been fun to explore if I had more time.

Once in the store, we went right to the cafe to order.  That way while our plates were being prepared, we could look around the store.

Food offerings at Future Green. Things were fair trade and often organic or gluten free, but I didn't find anything raw.

Is that your elephant?

Beautiful Bell made by Tibetan Refugees

Unfortunately, the chef was not in until 5pm so we could only order cold dishes, but the options still looked pretty tasty to me!  I ordered the salad sampler which included 3 salads plus the house salad.

Salad 1: Quinoa Salad & Salad 2: Kale Salad

Salad 3: Raw Harvest Sweet Potato Salad

Maureen's Plate: Potato, Asian Rice & Banana, Kale, & House Salads: $12.95

We both got smoothies called “The Kitchen Sink.”  They were papaya, mango, pineapple, banana smoothies.  Very yummy, though a little heavy on the soy milk as usually I don’t like so much, if any in mine–but good nonetheless.

Dessert was a Raw Cacao slice of pie, split between the two of us. This pie was delicious!  The crust was made with pistachios for a really nice, relatively light taste despite being so nut-heavy.  The filling was the star, though, tasting of chocolate with a hint of cinnamon and orange zest.

I love Cacao Pie!

Our shared slice

Overall, a nice experience, though a little pricey.  The food was very yummy, though nothing I couldn’t make at home.  But sometimes, it’s nice to have it all made and served to you.  I am glad I went with another raw foodie since she was predisposed to enjoy the meal.  The LT would have enjoyed the pie, but not been enamored by the other dishes.  And he would have balked at the prices.


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