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Ratatouille–I’m Like You-ie!

One of my raw food “mentors” is Robyn from girlonraw.com.  For some reason, I just can’t seem to get enough of her website or her blog.  I feel like she’s my friend even though I have never met her (but she did respond to one of my tweets once!).  This is also why the word mentor is in quotation marks: she has no idea who I am but through her blog and website, she has influenced me so much and practically provides my motivation every day to stick to a high raw diet.

So imagine my delight when one of her recent posts was about cooking dinner for a friend and making Ratatouille…when I had planned to do the very same thing tonight!  Ratatouille is a good recipe because even in a cooked form, most people aren’t expecting meat.  So when my bestie came into Chicago tonight for her weekly visit, I decided to treat her to home-done facials and mani/pedis and a high raw dinner featuring Ratatouille served over quinoa with a little salad on the side.  The recipe is courtesy of Tanya Zavasta (click here).

First the zucchini & eggplant in salt...

Let this mixture sit for an hour or so,

...Next the tomatoes, basil, and garlic. Smelled delish!

Then add this mixture and mix together.  Finally add the raw tahini and honey sauce and you’re in for a treat!

Yummy Raw Ratatouille for You-ie!

My bestie, who is a non-raw girl, was game to try this yumminess over a bit of quinoa after a citrus and mint salad.  She thoroughly enjoyed the salad, over-eating a bit and didn’t have a whole lot of room for the Ratatouille.  I liked it, though I can see where it caters to a “raw food pallette” more than a cooked Ratatouille.  Overall, a success full dinner “date!”


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  1. Oh darling that is the sweetest blog post ever!!!!! I know who you are girlfriend!! Thank you so much and I love the look of your ratatouille! Congrats on the wedding too girlfriend!!!! Wowee, we have even more in common!!!

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