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Back After My Hiatus!

This book is a different take on raw!

Hello, All!  I am back after my month-long hiatus!  So sorry about that.  As the summer came on, I just seemed to lose all of my energy.  The LT and I have been traveling back and forth to Ohio every weekend over the past month or so and this Fourth of July weekend is when our parents meet for the first time, so you can understand it’s been a little crazy.  Plus all of the wedding preparations here, like invites, programs, music, etc.  Needless to say, I haven’t been the greatest about eating raw during this time. (Insert unhappy face here!)

However, on one of the trips, I picked up my sister’s Natalia Rose book The Raw Food Detox Diet.  It’s just what I needed to kick-start my butt back into the place it should be: eating mostly raw vegan.  Ms. Rose has a very interesting take on raw foods, too:  In order to optimize your absorption of nutrients, you must properly combine your food.  This means no fruits after nuts; no starches mixed with raisins, cranberries, etc; and a couple of other “rules.”  The point is that the extra energy your stomach would spend trying to digest different types of foods could be better spent detoxing your systems.  Very interesting and a bit new to me in the raw world.  Until now, I hadn’t paid much attention to food combining since I felt like as long as it’s raw, I don’t want to place other rules and restrictions on myself.

So in honor of my newfound motivation (thank you, Ms. Rose!), I am committing right here and now to go for a run after work and eat a big, ole beastly salad for dinner tonight.  In fact, I’ll even make one for the LT, too.


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  1. :O Oooh, thx for this Meagan! I never thought about food combinations either but I’ll be sure to pick up your sister’s book tomorrow and check it out!

    I’m on a raw vegan diet atm. Today is Day 4 and I’ve never felt better! (Well, I felt just as awesome as when I tried going raw vegan before; perhaps 4 or 5 months ago). I pretty much stick to 80% raw, 20% otherwise in my everyday diet with little meats in that save for seafood, (although I HAVE been having at whatever I wanted lately). But my current discipline has been fantastic on my body and my energy level and my mood overall. Now, with the new knowledge I’ll find in this book, I look forward to tweaking my Raw Vegan adventures even more! 😀 Thx again!


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