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Raw Diva Detox

Organic Banana, Strawberries, Kiwi and some Filtered Water

I’ve been doing the Raw Diva Detox these past couple of days as I was inspired by my little sis, Mo.  I’m on Day 3 today.  Just had to take some pictures of my breakfast smoothie.  The fruits looked so yummy and pretty.  The smoothie afterward is bright green thanks to handful after handful of spinach and chard that I added.  To those of you who don’t drink a Green Smoothie daily, it may look a bit like lawnmower mulch, but to those of you that do, I know your mouths may be watering a wee bit.

Quick update on the detox:

Day 1 was a water fast and VERY hard.  I felt pretty tired by the end of the day though I don’t know if it was from this past weekend at Green Festival or from just drinking water all day.  However, I was super-proud of myself for completing it.  And I went to bed like a 5th grader: at 9pm.

Smoothie with the Addition of Spinach and Chard

Day 2 was pretty easy, though by dinner time I was seriously craving a Diet Coke and some form of bread or nuts.  Thank goodness the LT is really supporting me and we don’t have any pop in the house.  And after doing so well the day prior, I didn’t want to “ruin” my days of sticking to the plan.

Day 3 I woke up a bit tired, but already with a flatter tummy.  It’s not very far along in the day yet, but I think today will be similar to yesterday.  I’ve got a yummy papaya packed for lunch and just polished off my Green Smoothie so I’ll be good until around 5:30pm.  It’s then that the cravings will hit.  Especially that dang Diet Coke!  They say it only takes 3 days to banish cravings so I have my fingers crossed.


3 Responses

  1. Meagan, your smoothie looks delish in the first photo! (Yes, in the second photo it looks like grass clippings, but I’ve heard that spinach tastes great in smoothies!) This may be a recipe that I will try. 🙂 Good luck on the detox!

  2. The worst is SMELLING cooked food. so stay awayyyy! but yes, getting through day 3 is the best feeling and day 4 by far is the easiest yet! 🙂
    I am re-doing it after falling off the raw wagon, and i’m on day 2! 🙂 Sticking to raw this weekend!

  3. Loving your blog, Megan! Keep up the good work! I’m having at the GOOP detox atm, myself. Don’t you find these sorts of things fun? I do! :p

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