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Green Festival 2010

Me & Aysin & The Green Carpet Gala

This past weekend my company participated in the Chicago Green Festival 2010.  It was a LOT of work both before and during and while I loved, loved, loved it–I am also delighted that I don’t have to be on my feet all day today!
Friday was our set up day.  We made several trips out to Navy Pier getting all of our equipment and dried goods out and ready for Saturday morning.  Making sure we had enough labels for food, sign up rosters, electricity, etc was exhausting enough.  But that evening Aysin and I were committed to helping kick off the Green Weekend by attending Mindful Metropolis’ Green Carpet Gala as representatives for work.  It was held on South Michigan Ave at the Marmon Grand, in Chicago’s historic Motor Row.  The ballroom was like something out of a Poirot episode, from 1940s London.  It was beautiful.   Even after a long day, it was fun to get all dressed up and rock out to Funkadaize (funk-a-daisy).  They were a really cool Chicago-based band that fused Indian and Reggae music.  The dance floor was packed!

Governor Pat Quinn with Mayor Daley cutting the green ribbon to open Chicago Green Festival 2010

Next morning, it was up and at ’em to be at Navy Pier by 8am to load up all our food and be ready for Mayor Daley and Gov. Pat Quinn to open the festival.  Everything went as well as you could possibly hope.  The food arrived relatively on time; our volunteers were great!  A special shout out to Lisa, who really made the whole weekend fun for me 🙂

The Cousin's Booth

Throughout the day, our food court booth was constantly seeing traffic.  We were the only raw restaurant there serving food, though there were several other delicious options like the Chicago Diner and Soul Vegetarian.  One of the highlights for me was meeting Karyn Calabrese, the founder and owner of Karyn’s Raw Cafe.  I got a bit tongue-tied.  And if any of you out there have never met her, she is just as beautiful in person as she is in pictures.  She looks AMAZING.  No discussion needed.  And she was super-nice to someone who was tripping over her words and obviously starstruck.  Now I just need to head to NYC to meet Sarma 0f Pure Food and Wine.  Wish I could have dinner with either of these two fabulous and inspiring ladies…some day!

Our New Labels (Designed by Moi!) on our Compostable Packaging!

Our menu was great.  We had 6 main entrees (Deep Dish Pizza, Burgers, Sushi, Tamales, Falafel Wraps, (and my favorite) Enchiladas), 4 apps, Desserts, and an old favorite, Young Thai Coconuts!  The LT came to volunteer on Sunday.  He ran over 6 miles from our apartment to the Pier–that’s keepin’ it green!  And once there, he took over the duties of opening coconuts.  I don’t know if the LT had the magic touch, but we sold all but 5 coconuts!  In 3 hours, he managed to sell 40+ to his “adoring fans”.  Only one little knife slip on his second or third opening.  I’m so proud of him!

Overall, it was a great experience and I learned a lot about planning and preparing for events, but more importantly, I made a couple of new friends and soaked up the experience of being around like-minded people…and eating delicious raw food!


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