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OH: No, Man! Think About How Many Times You Eat Meat a Day!

Just a quickie: I overheard The LT on the phone with one of his best friends.  Guess it had been awhile since they’d talked because The LT was describing how I had started a new job and was really liking it.  His friend must’ve asked where it was because The LT then launched into a full on description of raw food and how it’s not heated above 105-115 degrees; how raw foodies don’t eat dairy, cheese, or meat; and how he’s been doing really great on this type of diet about 50% of the time.

The friend, I’m guessing, gave him some teasing because The LT then said,

“No, Man!  I still eat meat.  Like at lunch and stuff.  But think how many times a day you eat meat or cheese or dairy something.  And then you don’t eat any vegetables?  That’s actually kinda gross, Man.  And that’s why America and other Western countries are getting so fat, Dude!  Think about it.”

I was so touched and so proud!  My man actually listens to me and is absorbing what I’m saying!  I am such a lucky girl!


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