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Should I Incorporate?

One of the best things about this new job, is that I can honestly reply to my friends and family who are asking, “How’s the

Raw Food Pizza

Raw Food Pizza

new job?”

“It’s GREAT!  I love what I’m doing and I really enjoy working in the environment and amongst the people with whom I work.  Plus, I LOVE eating gourmet raw foods every day.” [Click here for $1 off a Smoothie at Cousin’s I.V. in Chicago!]

Tonight, my little brother called me from Austin, TX (don’t even get me started on how much I miss it there…Oh Daily Juice, how I love thee! [sigh]) and he was asking about the job.  He is into raw foods, too, especially juicing and smoothies.  Currently he works managing a warehouse of data processors.  Good money, zero passion.  He and my future-sister-in-law are the two who launched me on the idea of following my dream, so he wanted to hear how I was doing.  This lead into a conversation about how he is looking into a certain co-op down in Texas.  He likes the style of collaborative business and wants to learn more about how to do business this way.  I gave him the same advice he gave me,

To Incorporate or Not?

“If this is what you want to do and you know it, make a plan, make a budget and go for it!”

While Johnny hasn’t arrived at his answer yet, he has prepared himself and his future wifey for their future business.  Whether he sticks it out in corporate America or paves his own way with his own corporation.  But being his big sister and wanting to do everything before my little brother (all you first-borns out there know what I mean.  No matter that he will have a wife, deployed twice, and be 27 this year, he’s still my little bro and I feel like I should be doing things first!), our conversation got me thinking…What about if/when I become a Dietician (focusing on vegan, raw foods, of course!); should I incorporate myself like he did?  Do I need to incorporate the LT and I before we buy any property? I love the idea of being Meagan, Inc. but what are the tax benefits?  Why should I do it?

Does anyone know of a good course, seminar, website, or book that I can look to and answer my question: Should I incorporate?


One Response

  1. Very intereseting topic….

    I googled “Incorporating a Business” and noted some websites for us to read.


    The website below gives disadvantages and advantages of Incorporating a Business.

    Anyways, see you later, gator!!! Can’t wait….


    The LT

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