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WFM on a Road Trip?!

This past weekend, I was in Michigan for my future sister-in-law’s bachelorette party.  Needless to say that there is no Pure Food and Wine in Ann Arbor, so my ‘tinis (as Sarma calls ’em) were not even remotely good for my body.  I’m pretty sure the “cranberry” juice in my Vodka-Soda Water-with-a-Splash-of-Cranberry-Juice was all sugar…and the rest of the drink was pretty much alcohol.  Soooo you can imagine the next day, facing a five-hour drive back to Chicago was yucky.

(Though I would like to take the opportunity to say that I was the only raw foodie at this party and despite shutting the clubs down, I was up at 9:30am with no hangover while my fellow party-goers layed in bed an watched me pack.  I honestly attribute this speedy recovery to raw foods.  Especially this past week, beginning work at Cousin’s I.V. I have eaten an extremely high percentage raw and drank some sort of juice, usually green, every day of the week.)

But I digress…back to facing the five-hour drive…Probably thankfully, due to my companions lack of get-up-and-go energy, the greasy spoon breakfast that I begged for did not happen.  So on my way home, I found a Whole Foods and hunted down a Lara Bar and some organic tangerines.  I called The LT and asked him if he needed me to pick up anything for him (as he was at my brother’s Bachelor Party in Ohio the night before).  He said,

“You’re where?!  Whole Foods?!  How are you at Whole Foods on a road trip?  Most people stop at a Chevron Gas Station and you stop at a Whole Foods!  You are a funny one…and I’d like some bananas, please.”

Aside from peeling the fruit while driving, that drive was easy-peasy.  I felt energized, light, and clear-headed by the time I reach Kalamazoo!  Sometimes taking care of yourself is not the easiest or most common path to follow, but by the end of our journey, it’s totally worth it.


3 Responses

  1. I’d like to verify that all this information is true. And while I won’t advertise what happened to Meagan at the club before we shut it down (a trashcan was involved) its true that she was the most drunk and still, amazingly, the fastest to recover. I should have had one of her smoothies before we started doing shot of tequila!
    Thanks for coming this weekend, Meagan! I can’t wait till the wedding!

  2. All I know is that the trashcan likes raw food as well!!!!

    • Who doesn’t like a little vodka, soda water, with a splasheen of cranberry and Flax Crackers with No Bean Hummus?! Anyway, it was a very lady-like incident. Pish-posh!

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