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First Day of Work Part II

Click here for $1 Off Any Juice, Smoothie, Elixir, or Shot at Cousin's I.V. in Chicago

Thank you to everyone who sent me good luck wishes on my first day of work! I think it must’ve made a difference, because my first day went great! After a slow start (I arrived at 9am and no one got there until about 9:30) I designed a couple of fliers for use at Whole Foods, began a weekly newsletter, and took a meeting with an online coupon-ing agency. Ginger, the agency rep, was explaining how to work the coupon site to me when she suddenly asked how long I’d been working there.

“I’m still pretty new,” I told her.

“I’ve been here about 6 hours!” my inner monologue laughed.  She had no idea.

I ended up losing track of time and left about an hour after I was scheduled to go home.  I wimped out at the last minute and didn’t ask for a smoothie for the road or to take home some dinner.  Both of which are supposed to be one of the benefits to working for a raw food restaurant and culinary academy.  Anyway, nothing earth-shattering to report, but CLICK HERE for a couple of coupons that will save you money at Cousins Incredible Vitality (including $1 off ANY juice, smoothie, elixir, or shot)…and know that I made these coupon offers around my Six-Hour mark OTJ. 🙂


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