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First Day of Work

Purple Smoothie

Purple Dress

This morning I will head off to my new job in the raw foods/nutrition industry drinking a purple smoothie, wearing a purple dress.  Throughout the drive back to Chicago yesterday, Maureen and the LT kept quizzing me every hour or so,

“Are you excited to meet everyone?”
“Are you nervous to start your new job?”
“What are you going to wear?” (That was my sister–see above, Maureen!)

Last night I was certainly nervous. Not about liking the job or wondering if I would get along with everyone there, but more a nervous feeling that comes with anything new you start when you think you’ll like the task at hand: nervous with a hint of excitement. That nervous feeling you encounter when you’re hoping what you have built up in your mind lives up to (or surpasses!) the reality.

I will certainly post when I get home tonight.  Fingers are crossed as I head off on this new adventure.  And I am hoping that purple is a good luck color for me.


2 Responses

  1. Good Morning my BEAUTIFUL Fiancée,

    I just want to say GOOD LUCK on your first day at your new job and I know you will accomplish great things. I’m so proud of you and I support you 150%. Our lives together will flash before our eyes (just like this past year), so lets make it worth seeing. Taking this career opportunity in a field that your so passionate about it is definitely worth seeing.

    I love you Megs,

    The LT

    • In my first post I called him “The World’s Greatest Fiance.” I think this helps to build my case! 🙂 Anyway, at work, working on fliers for a session with Whole Foods Market tonight and drinking Ionized Water. Will have to look into the benefits of this.

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